1 Hour Booking

From: $50.00


  • Setup Assistance
  • Audio Equipment (Microphones, Rodecaster, Headphones)
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Canon T5i Camera with Single Angle (New for this year!)
  • *Please book 24 hours in advance.


Step into the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, where our cutting-edge podcast studio awaits. Perfectly nestled, our space is meticulously crafted to fuel top-tier podcast creation. Equipped with leading audio gear like the Rodecaster mixing board, an array of microphones, and Tascam headphones, our studio guarantees professional-grade sound quality. Designed for optimal recording and production, our customizable lighting sets the perfect mood for your content. With comfy chairs arranged for intimate interviews or dynamic group discussions for up to four people, it’s the ideal environment. This year, all bookings include a Canon T5i camera, offering a single angle to visually capture your conversations, adding an extra dimension to your audio content. Additional cameras are available for diverse perspectives as an add-on. Included in the hour booking: -Room Rental -Setup Assistance -Audio Equipment (Microphones, Rodecaster) -Lighting -Canon T5i Camera with Single Angle (New for this year!) Accessible with ample parking and nearby public transport, our studio is perfect for both seasoned podcasters and beginners. Come experience the ultimate podcast recording setup! *Please note: Additional cameras for more angles are available as add-ons. *Engineer not included. *Must bring your own Micro SD card for the Rodecaster recording system and for the camera. Join us on Instagram: @theculturelab  


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